Paulus is a dear wee fellow who loves roaming in the forest . He has become a trusted friend with creatures living there and Paulus will often tend and help  them whenever he can.. Today Squeeky , a little mouse, tells him he needs a hand to carry a big nut he found back to his home.. Paulus offers Squeeky a ride in his backpack and then they are on their way...  Paulus is wearing cotton trousers and top with a felted vest to keep warm. He carries a felt backpack and has a hat with a little bell that will softly rinkle and that he also can take off..His knitted wool boots adorned with knitted leaves is keeping his feet well protected from the forest floor.. Paulus is also bringing Squeeky as they are such good friends and would miss each other  His mohair hair can be brushed . They are both looking forward to meeting a new friend !Paulus is a fully formed doll with formed facial features, bottom and knees and measures 45cm tall.

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